At a time when renewable energy is being widely promoted, Renewable Energy Consultants Carden Consulting, provides independent advice on the most appropriate renewable technologies for you, including estimated income from the Feed-in Tariff and the Renewable Heat Incentive.  In some cases, however, after weighing up the pros and cons, Renewable Energy Consultant, Clare Carden advises against installing renewable electricity or heat.  When estimating the cost benefits, she takes into account costs that are not always plain to see in installers’ quotes, such as the tax payable on Feed-in Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive income and the cost of maintenance.

Some of Clare Carden’s clients engage her to assist with drafting the tender brief and advising on the submissions received before proceeding with a renewable installation.  Some of those are now enjoying the renewable heat and electricity, in the knowledge that their CO2 emissions have fallen dramatically.

Carden Consulting also provides an independent assessment of why renewable installations are not reaping the benefits given in quotations when required.

Clare Carden’s independence from installers is invaluable.