Renewable Energy

Energy Audit

ESOS Compliance

ISO50001 Implementation

Energy Awareness Training

Clare Carden , CEng MEI  is an experienced Energy Efficiency Consultant, who specialises in helping businesses and individuals identify energy saving and cost reduction opportunities. 

These services include providing a completely independent energy survey, that is untainted by any product or service provider affiliations or agreements.  This absence of sales focus allows Clare, complete freedom to impartially analyse and understand her clients energy needs and identify sustainable solutions to reduce the costs of energy use and improve energy inefficiencies whilst also provinding a valuable comparison with estimates provided by installers.  These surveys identify how you are using energy at present and how you can reduce energy consumption cost effectively.  All energy consumption is investigated, including that used by pumps, fans, compressors, refrigeration, heating, lighting, IT and  process equipment.

Clare also provides independent advice on the most appropriate renewable technologies for you, including estimated income from feed-in tariffs and the renewable heat incentive and independent real time Electriity Monitoring, which is particularly useful where unexplained electricity consumption occurs(for example out of hours) or when you think you may be paying for your neighbour’s electricity consumption. 

 Carden Consulting also provide:

  • Energy Awareness Training for groups and organisations which can be tailored to specific positions or environments. This will show how your organisation uses energy and how it can be effectively controlled.  In some cases 20 to 40% can be saved with no capital investment. Employees usually appear uninterested at the start but enjoy the session, take the information away and make savings in their wider communities too
  •  Advice on tender specification and reviewing tenders, thereby helping clients to ask the right questions when talking to architects, engineers or installers. 
  • Energy performance certificates, which are required when buying, selling or renting properties, and when applying for feed-in tariffs for solar PV.